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Education is the pillar of society and it is every parent’s wish that their children will attend the best school and afterwards further their education through college. For this reason parents save up for their child’s college fund, sometimes from birth. But when it comes time to attend college, the amount of the college fund may not be enough. College Planning South Bay offers complete resources for parents, students and graduates who wish to study further with advice, analysis, and planning for future college financing, plus much more. When you understand how the education system works and the financial implications of a solid college fund, you will be better able to cope and have the peace of mind.

When you find out that your child’s college fund is insufficient, it is certainly not the end of the world. You have options for procuring additional finances, but it is sensible to seek advice through College Planning South Bay. Parents and students can both use our services, and if you are thinking of starting out to save for your children’s education then we will give you an accurate idea of what your contribution should be, with increases that will meet yearly inflation. When you want to get a college fund loan you may find that there are some difficult criteria, and by taking advantage of our free analysis you will know exactly where you stand and what the chances are for success.

College Planning South Bay offers you an in-depth service that will help you manage your college fund if you are a student, and help you save or arrange necessary financing if you are a parent. College costs have risen dramatically in the last few years. At the same time, financial institutions have tightened up the criteria when it comes to securing financing for your child’s college fund. The average public university can cost you over $60,000 to attend, with private institutions being up to double that figure. It is possible to get access to millions of dollars in government funding to supplement the college fund you have saved – or even, if possible, meet criteria for a bursary.

You can start by submitting your personal income survey to College Planning South Bay and our team of experts will analyze this for you and provide you with expert advice on what your next steps should be. There is no need to lose heart that the college fund you have saved up is insufficient, or to fear that your child cannot attend college. Let the experts show you that there are quite a few different avenues open to you, depending on your situation.



Parents and students will be delighted with the huge range of services College Planning South Bay has made available, from education planning to FASFA applications for students. Getting a quality education is what every parent plans for their children and many start a college fund as early as when the child is born. Unfortunately, rising costs of university and colleges can mean that what you have save will hardly cover even half of the expenses, and this is where practical financial planning becomes vital. We can assist parents with an FASFA application which is a free application for federal student aid. The application process can be extremely tricky and the sensible option is seeking professional help to complete the FASFA accurately.

It can cost thousands of dollars every year to keep your children in university – and to top it off, there are additional expenses like books and general needs that every student will encounter. College Planning South Bay has a team of experts that can help you all the way from buying the first semester’s books to graduation. If you are a student or a parent we have a variety of helpful services that will ensure that you or your child receive a quality education. When you fill out a FASFA application, there is a variety of different important information you will need on hand, from school codes to tax dependency status and needs analysis. Incomplete and inaccurate FAFSA forms can mean lengthy delays and may even result in your application getting declined.

Parents who wish to apply for a student loan can also use our services. You will find that we always go the extra mile to ensure that your child graduates. College Planning South Bay has already helped thousands of students get the necessary financial aid they need to complete a quality education. You will also be amazed to discover that there are millions of dollars in unclaimed scholarships each year, simply because people do not know how to apply for them or if they qualify. Perhaps your child does qualify. The only way to find out is to apply! Let us show you how to navigate through the processes of getting student aid, loans and expected family contributions (or EFC).

Before you complete your FASFA application form we can do a free need analysis for you so that you can get an idea of what your family are expected to contribute towards education in college. Students are our future and according to federal law almost all students are eligible for some form of student aid from low interest loans to other loans that can be paid back over the long term after graduation. Expert advice to find out what you qualify for, FASFA applications , student loans and much more are all part of the services offered by College Planning South Bay. Let us help you fulfill your dream for your child’s quality education to allow them to pursue the type of career they would love.

Money for College

Having affiliated with 123, Inc. and who have been providing invaluable assistance to college students. Students are assessed in accordance with the Department of Education’s complicated financial assistance formulas, which are used to process financial aid applications. The money needed for a college education is vast, and a number of middle-class American families simply do not have that kind of money. As such, many exceptional students are unable to fulfill their dreams and obtain a high-quality college education. However, thanks to the website, money for college is now within reach. The website shows a number of feasible college saving tips and techniques as well as a useful analysis of financial aid requirements. The primary objective of is to carry out a detailed financial analysis that is based on the student’s particular financial needs. Once complete, it will be ascertained whether students qualify for financial assistance. When the analysis is over, will assist students with obtaining finances and offer various tips that will greatly reduce out-of-pocket costs, as the student’s eligibility for financial assistance will be increased.

Since is determined to ensure that students qualify for financial aid, they will strive to find colleges that provide a number of monetary rewards, and a high-quality education. will of course ensure that students who are eligible for financial aid are able to enroll at the country’s most affordable colleges; however, the affordability of a given college by no means indicates an inferior education.

With the assistance of website, students are not discourage from following their dreams just because of a money shortage Instead, they will be able to attend the right college for them and get the college education they deserve. Please feel free to view the information about, via the website, and find out how to make money for college and review the requirements needed to qualify for financial aid.

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