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College scholarships are only available for the super-smart and highly motivated, and are usually only given to the valedictorian….right?


This is a common mistake made by those who are getting ready to graduate from high school, and therefore, some of the brightest and most promising students never even apply for scholarships. However, there are so many scholarships available that it is imperative that you know and understand the processes and requirements. (Hint: they’re not as tough as you think). Once you find a positive mindset, you will see that you, too, can apply and qualify for several scholarships. With just a little determination, you will be able to get the (free!) funding you need to further your education.

You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the daunting task of searching for scholarships and wondering where to start. Well, the best first step to take is to contact College Planning South Bay. We have more than 17 years experience in helping young people and their families to find the right college scholarships and funding options.

One very important thing you must do when preparing to apply for college scholarships is obvious to some, but maybe not to all: keep your grade point average (GPA) as high as possible. With markings up to 4.0, every grade you acquire, whether good or bad, will affect your GPA. Many high school students don’t take their grades very seriously until senior year, at which time it might be too late to bring that GPA up to scholarship level. Therefore, it is important that you make your studies a priority early on in your high school career to ensure that you are eligible when it comes time to apply for scholarships. Additionally, you must study hard for your SAT or ACT tests. There is a plethora of study materials to help you in preparing for these all-important tests. At College Planning South Bay, we will provide you with study help and SAT and ACT guides. We know the importance of doing well on these tests.

If you know that your grades are more than acceptable for receiving a college scholarship, you should start by researching what types of scholarships are available to you. There may be several scholarships offered locally through city, county or state organizations. Additionally, you may find a number of government-sponsored scholarships. The college you are interested in attending, or that you have already been accepted to, will probably also offer several different types of scholarships. With just a little bit of research you will be well on your way to discovering the world of scholarships waiting for you!

College Planning South Bay is here to help you every step of the way. With our team of expert and caring counselors, we will help you discover what funding options and scholarships are available to you. We can also guide you through this often daunting journey of discovery. Your future is waiting!

Plan for College

Everyone in the country deserves the chance to receive a quality education all through their lives and when you plan for college, one of the biggest and sometimes scariest factors to look at are the prices of this education, but there is more than just one solution to this dilemma.

When you plan for college there is one common way to get around the high costs of this learning opportunity and this is by working towards a scholarship but even some of the very bright students don’t always get picked for this chance and for most, this is when they would start giving up on ever building their future but College Planning South Bay has another alternative that is working for people from all walks of life. This organization works in conjunction with the Department of Education and assists students from all over the country in obtaining fair financing for the opportunity to build their lives based on a sound education. This team takes care of the entire application process for you as well as ensures that all of the relevant negotiating and discussions are done on your behalf so that all you need to worry about is providing them with the right information. Making sure that you get great tests scores is another way to better your chances, but you should know that this is not the only aspect that they take into consideration when you contact this company about funding while you plan for college but to make sure that you try your best you will receive software that will assist you in this regard.

The first step to take when you plan for college is to get in touch with one of the consultants from College Planning South Bay using their toll free number so that they can pass on the relevant forms for you to fill out so that they can take the next step in processing your application and you will be glad to know that there aren’t any stringent requirements that you have to fit in with in order to apply for this service. The costs of a quality education are on the rise and it is very difficult for many parents to provide their children with this learning opportunity and this is why this company is becoming such a preferred choice for many. As a beneficiary of this company they will make sure that your child has the right amount of funding to get them through every year until the time that they graduate and by visiting the website that they have set up you can take a closer look at what College Planning South Bay can offer you and your children while you plan for college.

To read through some of their customer testimonials or to get in touch with this team regarding your plan for college as soon as possible you can visit www.South Bay College where you will find their contact details.


Parents and students will be delighted with the huge range of services College Planning South Bay has made available, from education planning to FASFA applications for students. Getting a quality education is what every parent plans for their children and many start a college fund as early as when the child is born. Unfortunately, rising costs of university and colleges can mean that what you have save will hardly cover even half of the expenses, and this is where practical financial planning becomes vital. We can assist parents with an FASFA application which is a free application for federal student aid. The application process can be extremely tricky and the sensible option is seeking professional help to complete the FASFA accurately.

It can cost thousands of dollars every year to keep your children in university – and to top it off, there are additional expenses like books and general needs that every student will encounter. College Planning South Bay has a team of experts that can help you all the way from buying the first semester’s books to graduation. If you are a student or a parent we have a variety of helpful services that will ensure that you or your child receive a quality education. When you fill out a FASFA application, there is a variety of different important information you will need on hand, from school codes to tax dependency status and needs analysis. Incomplete and inaccurate FAFSA forms can mean lengthy delays and may even result in your application getting declined.

Parents who wish to apply for a student loan can also use our services. You will find that we always go the extra mile to ensure that your child graduates. College Planning South Bay has already helped thousands of students get the necessary financial aid they need to complete a quality education. You will also be amazed to discover that there are millions of dollars in unclaimed scholarships each year, simply because people do not know how to apply for them or if they qualify. Perhaps your child does qualify. The only way to find out is to apply! Let us show you how to navigate through the processes of getting student aid, loans and expected family contributions (or EFC).

Before you complete your FASFA application form we can do a free need analysis for you so that you can get an idea of what your family are expected to contribute towards education in college. Students are our future and according to federal law almost all students are eligible for some form of student aid from low interest loans to other loans that can be paid back over the long term after graduation. Expert advice to find out what you qualify for, FASFA applications , student loans and much more are all part of the services offered by College Planning South Bay. Let us help you fulfill your dream for your child’s quality education to allow them to pursue the type of career they would love.

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