Student Loans

College Planning South Bay is an institution that understands how expensive it can be to keep your child in college or university. We are pleased to offer you a complete range of financial services – from helping you get student loans to long-term future financial planning for your child’s education. There are a variety of different flexible loan packages available for students, including federal aid, which you may be able to qualify for and which we will help you apply for and obtain. Millions of dollars in student aid from the government goes unclaimed every year. We can help you apply for it. Student loans, scholarships and other financial assistance for parents are all out there if you have the professional guidance to apply for it.

If you do it right, student loans don’t have to cripple your budget. College Planning South Bay provides you proper financial planning – and to start, we can give you a free analysis of where you stand regarding qualifying for student loans or federal education funds. Every parent wants to send their child to the best college, and most will save what they can to achieve this. The ever-rising costs of education, however, mean that by the time your child graduates high-school, the funds you have may just be enough for a year or two. Student loans and other education funding can help bridge this gap.

College Planning South Bay is a leading organization with a team of highly qualified financial professionals who understand the need for quality education in the United States. Students are our future and for the best education parents need student loans and finance tailor made for a family’s budget which gives their children peace of mind that there are funds available for all their needs. Let us assist you with proper financial planning if you are looking to send your children to college in the future. College aid planning helps you make certain that there are no nasty surprises when your child chooses a career that needs university education.

Among the variety of services we offer, we include application for student loans, FASFA applications for federal funding and scholarships, negotiation with colleges that offer excellent rates, and SAT/ACT guides and software. Check our website for details and information on all our services and let the experts assist you today. After you have taken time to browse our relevant website links complete the online form so that we can do a free analysis for you and give you practical advice for what student loans you can qualify for. Our friendly and professional team of financial experts will be more than glad to help you get the funding for all your needs through to your child’s special day of graduation. Let us help you with a satisfactory solution for student loans and the process can start by contacting us today.

Paying for College

Watching your child go through their school-years and reaching their goals is something to make any parent proud, but often a parent and their child want to further their education through college, but the biggest drawback by far is tuition.

The amount of money that you need to pay for just one year of college is enough to frighten most parents. Even though there is the option of working towards a scholarship, this can be quite a trying task and not every student is able to succeed at this even if they do have a lot of potential. This is exactly where College Planning South Bay provides assistance. This is an organization that has been assisting parents and students with university and college funding for many years now, and by applying for funding with them they will be able to tell you how much you qualify for, and simply lower the overall amount that would have to come out of your own pocket. Everything that this company does is in accordance with the Department of Education, which makes all of their processes fair and accurate. Since this team of experts takes care of everything for you, there is not much more that you have to worry about – except providing them with the right details. While you look into this service and how it can help you pay for college, your child will even receive software that is going to assist them in reaching higher test scores, which will only add to their chances of getting into college or university.

The first step to finding out more about how College Planning South Bay can assist you to pay for college is to call or request for a free consultation where you can ask for all of the relevant forms. One of the many benefits about seeking help from this company is that they don’t evaluate your situation only on the academic abilities of your child (as with a scholarship), but they also take a number of other factors into consideration, and there are no stringent requirements that need to be met for you to apply. Once you have been approved by this system for funding that will pay for college, they will assist you every year until your child graduates so that there are never any gaps in their education.


College Scholarship

For many Americans, the thought of going to college is only a distant dream. While college should be a standard right for any American desiring to further their education, the truth of it is that college is an unobtainable dream, often because of lack of finances. This might sound dismal and hopeless, but the good news is that there is aid available for you! You don’t have to just dream about going to college. With our financial planning and college scholarship program, you can stop dreaming and start planning for college.

At College Planning South Bay, it is our main goal and desire to help you through the entire process of finding the right college funding or college scholarship option to suit you and your financial needs. Did you know that last year alone, millions of dollars in college funding and college scholarship went unclaimed? We want to help you get a piece of this financial aid so that you can get the most out of your education. Allow us to help you navigate through the maze of applications and paperwork that is required for this type of college funding or college scholarship.

So, you might be wondering where the best place to start for a college scholarship is. Obviously, the first step to take is to make sure your grades in high school are kept up to the highest mark possible so that your grade point average is as close to 4.0 as possible. Most college scholarship funds choose their recipients based on academic performance in high school, as well as SAT or ACT scores. It is very important that, while high school should be fun, you make your studies a top priority. Most high school students don’t understand the importance of their grades until senior year, when it might be too late to bring up your grade point average.

After these obvious tactics of keeping your grades up, you need to start researching what types of college scholarship is available. There might be a college scholarship that is offered by your school, various local organizations or churches. On a larger scale, you will find there to be several scholarships offered by governmental institutions or even by the college or university that you have been accepted to. Only a little bit of research will be required and you will be amazed at the number of college scholarship opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered.

While all of this might seem daunting to you, College Planning South Bay is here to help you every step of the way with your college scholarship and college funding options. We provide advice and service from the very first inquiry right through your entire college career. We have 15 years of experience in helping young people find just the right college scholarship or funding option that will suit you. We will start with a financial needs analysis; from there, we will work out a tailor-made financial aid or college scholarship plan for you.

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