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For over a decade,’s team of experts has been providing assistance to both students and parents, helping them secure college financial planning that is compliant with the Department of Education’s complicated financial assistance formulas. These formulas are used to process thousands of financial aid applications. The CollegePlanningSouthBay website gives a number of useful college planning tips, offering both students and parents a free analysis of their financial requirements by completing the necessary forms. Basically, the essential purpose of is to perform a detailed cost analysis whereby the student’s financial needs will be analyzed to discover if they qualify for financial aid. After the analysis phase has been completed, will develop a detailed financial planning package, thus lowering upfront college costs and increasing the student’s eligibility for aid. has developed a thorough understanding of college aid planning, and with this understanding they will be able to help students obtain an understanding of the often complicated financial aid system. The college aid planning offered by will demonstrate to students what financial aid stipulations are based on and, in so doing, students will be able to maximize the value of financial aid.

In addition to college planning, will give college students assistance in finding colleges that are able to provide the right type of curriculum to allow the student to meet their future career goals. is committed to making certain that students who are eligible for financial aid use this to their best advantage and find the particular colleges which offer the greatest monetary rewards and the highest-quality education. To this end, college planning assistance and services which are provided by will ensure that students gain access to the most affordable colleges, while not sacrificing quality for affordability.

The range of services that are provided by include offering study aids on computer software for the SATs and ACTs, and help in completing and filling out the “Student Aid Report’, where the forms will be reviewed by to make certain that there are no errors or omissions which could possibly delay or prevent access to governmental funding. will provide both students and parents with access to a computer-based, fully-inclusive college planning program, which will give students the resources to make the most informed decision about their education. Please feel free to view the detailed information about, via the website at www.College Planning South With, students will not be deterred by the high cost of college or university education, and they will be given the necessary assistance to reach their full potential.’s planning assistance along with their worthwhile financial advice will set college students on the path to gain a top-quality education that they can afford.

Financial Aid for College

It is sensible to seek the services of professional advisors when it concerns financial aid for college because it can be quite a complicated process to get satisfactory funds to make sure your children complete their university or college education. Regardless of how much money you have put away for the purpose of college education, you will probably find that it is not sufficient. Each year, the cost of education increases, and besides the cost for the tuition, students also need to cover general expenses from stationary to books. College Planning South Bay is pleased to offer you services that cover everything from helping both students and parents get satisfactory financial aid for college, to helping students manage their financing right through to graduation.

Every student in the United States has the right to federal financial aid, because educated people are the future. You may be quite taken aback to know that millions of dollars goes unclaimed each year in scholarships and financial aid for college that is part of the government budget for education. College Planning South Bay can assist you with applications for financial aid for college and FASFA applications which are done to get funds to ensure that students can graduate without financial strain. It can be relatively difficult to apply for student loans and other funding for college education, and our services can help you make this a smooth, seamless process. We have already helped thousands of students and parents successfully so why not contact us today!

Most parents begin saving for their child’s college education from a very young age and every parent is dedicated that their child will get the best education and college tuition to be able to pursue their chosen careers. There are certain requirements for applications for student financial aid for college that need to be met when you try to apply for federal funding and we can help you get a free analysis to see whether you would be able to qualify. Besides helping students and parents get the best possible solutions for financial aid for college we also help with financial planning as well which can be taken advantage of. Check out our website and read all about our services for financial planning and management for parents and students.

At College Planning South Bay we understand how vital a quality education is for every individual and we always go the extra mile to do everything possible to make sure that you get successful financial aid for college. We can help you find out whether your children can qualify for a scholarship and by completing any application with our expert help, more often than not, the outcome is successful. If you have already unsuccessfully tried to get financial aid for college there are quite a few different alternatives as well. Let us show you the correct way of getting the funds you need if you are a parent. At the same time we will show students how to manage their money to make the most of it.

College Scholarships

College scholarships are only available for the super-smart and highly motivated, and are usually only given to the valedictorian….right?


This is a common mistake made by those who are getting ready to graduate from high school, and therefore, some of the brightest and most promising students never even apply for scholarships. However, there are so many scholarships available that it is imperative that you know and understand the processes and requirements. (Hint: they’re not as tough as you think). Once you find a positive mindset, you will see that you, too, can apply and qualify for several scholarships. With just a little determination, you will be able to get the (free!) funding you need to further your education.

You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the daunting task of searching for scholarships and wondering where to start. Well, the best first step to take is to contact College Planning South Bay. We have more than 17 years experience in helping young people and their families to find the right college scholarships and funding options.

One very important thing you must do when preparing to apply for college scholarships is obvious to some, but maybe not to all: keep your grade point average (GPA) as high as possible. With markings up to 4.0, every grade you acquire, whether good or bad, will affect your GPA. Many high school students don’t take their grades very seriously until senior year, at which time it might be too late to bring that GPA up to scholarship level. Therefore, it is important that you make your studies a priority early on in your high school career to ensure that you are eligible when it comes time to apply for scholarships. Additionally, you must study hard for your SAT or ACT tests. There is a plethora of study materials to help you in preparing for these all-important tests. At College Planning South Bay, we will provide you with study help and SAT and ACT guides. We know the importance of doing well on these tests.

If you know that your grades are more than acceptable for receiving a college scholarship, you should start by researching what types of scholarships are available to you. There may be several scholarships offered locally through city, county or state organizations. Additionally, you may find a number of government-sponsored scholarships. The college you are interested in attending, or that you have already been accepted to, will probably also offer several different types of scholarships. With just a little bit of research you will be well on your way to discovering the world of scholarships waiting for you!

College Planning South Bay is here to help you every step of the way. With our team of expert and caring counselors, we will help you discover what funding options and scholarships are available to you. We can also guide you through this often daunting journey of discovery. Your future is waiting!

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