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It is sensible to seek the services of professional advisors when it concerns financial aid for college because it can be quite a complicated process to get satisfactory funds to make sure your children complete their university or college education. Regardless of how much money you have put away for the purpose of college education, you will probably find that it is not sufficient. Each year, the cost of education increases, and besides the cost for the tuition, students also need to cover general expenses from stationary to books. College Planning South Bay is pleased to offer you services that cover everything from helping both students and parents get satisfactory financial aid for college, to helping students manage their financing right through to graduation.

Every student in the United States has the right to federal financial aid, because educated people are the future. You may be quite taken aback to know that millions of dollars goes unclaimed each year in scholarships and financial aid for college that is part of the government budget for education. College Planning South Bay can assist you with applications for financial aid for college and FASFA applications which are done to get funds to ensure that students can graduate without financial strain. It can be relatively difficult to apply for student loans and other funding for college education, and our services can help you make this a smooth, seamless process. We have already helped thousands of students and parents successfully so why not contact us today!

Most parents begin saving for their child’s college education from a very young age and every parent is dedicated that their child will get the best education and college tuition to be able to pursue their chosen careers. There are certain requirements for applications for student financial aid for college that need to be met when you try to apply for federal funding and we can help you get a free analysis to see whether you would be able to qualify. Besides helping students and parents get the best possible solutions for financial aid for college we also help with financial planning as well which can be taken advantage of. Check out our website and read all about our services for financial planning and management for parents and students.

At College Planning South Bay we understand how vital a quality education is for every individual and we always go the extra mile to do everything possible to make sure that you get successful financial aid for college. We can help you find out whether your children can qualify for a scholarship and by completing any application with our expert help, more often than not, the outcome is successful. If you have already unsuccessfully tried to get financial aid for college there are quite a few different alternatives as well. Let us show you the correct way of getting the funds you need if you are a parent. At the same time we will show students how to manage their money to make the most of it.



A proper education is key for a successful future but often when you want to take your learning further after high school it can start becoming quite costly and this is why so many people work towards scholarships. College Planning South Bay, however, is the other option to consider if you are serious about your future.

Obtaining one of the many scholarships can be quite a trying task and sometimes you can’t solely rely on this to get to college or university. College Planning South Bay is there to analyze how much funding you would qualify for and how you can go about getting it. At the end of it all, this company is there to lower the costs that would otherwise come out of your own pocket. This college funding organization works in conjunction with the Department of Education in order for their processes to be fair as well as accurate and because they take care of the entire process for you, there is no need for you to worry about much except providing them with the details that they need and then putting in the work to make sure that you make a success of this opportunity. As one of their clients you will be provided with software that is going to allow you to improve your test scores so that there is a much better chance of you walking into college when the time comes.

When you take a closer look at how much it costs for a child to attend college or university for one year, you will realize why it might be a better option to either work towards one of the many scholarships or simply contact College Planning South Bay about their options. The great thing about contacting this company first is that there is no need to prove your academic abilities and there are no limitations as to who can apply for this funding. Once you become a client of this company, they will be there to assist you every year until your child graduates and make sure that you are only contributing as much as you can reasonably afford towards this stage of their education. They speak to and negotiate with all of the colleges and universities on your behalf because all that is required of you is accurate information on the forms that they supply you with. You and your child can now rest assured; scholarships are not the only way. There are other options available to them and to you as a parent.

To gather all of the information that you need and to understand how this is different from some scholarships, you can visit www.South Bay College

College Scholarship

For many Americans, the thought of going to college is only a distant dream. While college should be a standard right for any American desiring to further their education, the truth of it is that college is an unobtainable dream, often because of lack of finances. This might sound dismal and hopeless, but the good news is that there is aid available for you! You don’t have to just dream about going to college. With our financial planning and college scholarship program, you can stop dreaming and start planning for college.

At College Planning South Bay, it is our main goal and desire to help you through the entire process of finding the right college funding or college scholarship option to suit you and your financial needs. Did you know that last year alone, millions of dollars in college funding and college scholarship went unclaimed? We want to help you get a piece of this financial aid so that you can get the most out of your education. Allow us to help you navigate through the maze of applications and paperwork that is required for this type of college funding or college scholarship.

So, you might be wondering where the best place to start for a college scholarship is. Obviously, the first step to take is to make sure your grades in high school are kept up to the highest mark possible so that your grade point average is as close to 4.0 as possible. Most college scholarship funds choose their recipients based on academic performance in high school, as well as SAT or ACT scores. It is very important that, while high school should be fun, you make your studies a top priority. Most high school students don’t understand the importance of their grades until senior year, when it might be too late to bring up your grade point average.

After these obvious tactics of keeping your grades up, you need to start researching what types of college scholarship is available. There might be a college scholarship that is offered by your school, various local organizations or churches. On a larger scale, you will find there to be several scholarships offered by governmental institutions or even by the college or university that you have been accepted to. Only a little bit of research will be required and you will be amazed at the number of college scholarship opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered.

While all of this might seem daunting to you, College Planning South Bay is here to help you every step of the way with your college scholarship and college funding options. We provide advice and service from the very first inquiry right through your entire college career. We have 15 years of experience in helping young people find just the right college scholarship or funding option that will suit you. We will start with a financial needs analysis; from there, we will work out a tailor-made financial aid or college scholarship plan for you.

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